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kerryjiang authored 2019-10-20 14:51 . updated roadmap


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SuperSocket is a light weight extensible socket application framework. You can use it to build an always connected socket application easily without thinking about how to use socket, how to maintain the socket connections and how socket works. It is a pure C# project which is designed to be extended, so it is easy to be integrated to your existing systems as long as they are developed in .NET language.

Warning: the master branch is for SuperSocket 2.0. SuperSocket 2.0 is a fresh .NET Core only version, which is under developing and unstable. If you want a stable version which can be used in your production system, please switch to branch v1.6.

SuperSocket 2.0 Roadmap:

  • 2019 Q2:

    • Basic pipeline filters
    • Commands
    • Session container
    • First beta release
  • 2019 Q3-Q4:

    • Fix issues and do enhancements for the existing features
    • Features requested by users
    • TLS Socket
    • Performance test/tuning
    • Second beta release
  • 2020 H1:

    • Fix issues of the existing features
    • Other features requested by users
    • Stable release

Copyright 2010-2019 Kerry Jiang (kerry-jiang@hotmail.com)

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