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dannyjones / NeoAxisEngine

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NeoAxis Engine is an integrated development environment with built-in 3D and 2D game engine.

Royalty-free platform with source code provided.


Video review

Video review

Supported platforms by the NeoAxis editor

  • Windows 7+ x64
  • Mac (WIP)
  • Linux (WIP)

Supported platforms

  • Windows 7+ x64
  • Android 8.0+ ARM64 (Oreo)
  • UWP x64 (Universal Windows, Xbox, Windows Store)
  • ...

Building (very easy)

  • You need Visual Studio 2019 with .NET Core 3.1. Use NeoAxis.Managed.All.VS2019.Windows.sln.
  • The native code is already compiled.
  • Download Sci-fi Demo and Nature Demo from the Asset Store window inside the editor.
How build for other platforms see https://www.neoaxis.com/docs/html/Platforms.htm

To compile project assemblies you can use Visual Studio Code, Rider. Use NeoAxis.Managed.ProjectOnly.AnyIDE.sln.

Programming tips

  • Set up NeoAxis.Editor assembly as StartUp project to make run with debugger.
  • Add a new code to the NeoAxis.CoreExtension by default. Project assembly is also good.
  • Use English code page for your project if it possible: https://github.com/NeoAxis/NeoAxisEngine/issues/1


You can use NeoAxis Engine for free without any future royalties and distribute source codes subject to the following conditions:

  • 1. When publishing your product, need to add "Made with NeoAxis Engine (www.neoaxis.com)" with the product information and in its credits.
  • 2. You can distribute the NeoAxis editor with your product. When you do it the window title of the editor must be:

    "Your project name - NeoAxis Engine 2020.3 (www.neoaxis.com)".

    Or if you made engine modification:

    "Your project name - Modified version of NeoAxis Engine 2020.3 (www.neoaxis.com)"

    This can be done by changing the value of the ModifiedVersionOfNeoAxisEngine field in the Sources\Engine\NeoAxis.Core\Utility\EngineInfo.cs file.

  • 3. You can distribute the source code of the NeoAxis Engine. In the case of publishing any part of the modified source code, for example, by means of creating a fork or other distribution method, you automatically become the contributor of the NeoAxis Engine. This means that the NeoAxis Group Ltd reserves the right to use your modified source code at its discretion, for example, to improve the original version of the NeoAxis Engine. Copyright for modified code is saved to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Did I understand correctly that the NeoAxis Engine is provided free of charge with full source code, while the no any royalties? I should not even add splash screen when starting my game, just mention it in the credits?

    That's right. However, we will be glad of any help with the development of the engine, including its popularization.

  • What is the easiest way to explain the license?

    The engine is a free and open source product. Need mentions the engine in your project. The editor is not completely open source, it is royalty-free app with source code provided.

  • What is the difference between the version on the GitHub and the installer from www.neoaxis.com?

    It is the same. The GitHub version has slightly more recent updates. Although you will need to additionally download Sci-fi Demo and Nature Demo inside the editor from Asset Store window if you want to look at them.

  • Is the stable version on the GitHub?

    Yes. If you encounter problems, please report it as soon as possible.

Special Licensing

You may be interested in the special licensing conditions for NeoAxis Engine. This is mainly due to the use of the editor code as the basis for creating your own product. For special licensing, please contact us.

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