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    5.9K MindSpore / mindspore GVP

    MindSpore is a new open source deep learning training/inference framework that could be used for mobile, edge and cloud scenarios.

    最近更新: 8小时前

    770 MindSpore / community

    MindSpore community

    最近更新: 13小时前

    1K MindSpore / mindinsight

    A visual dashboard for model tuning.

    最近更新: 13小时前

    1.2K MindSpore / docs

    MindSpore document

    最近更新: 13小时前

    122 MindSpore / mindscience

    MindScience is scientific computing kits for various industries based on the converged MindSpore framework.

    最近更新: 14小时前

    190 MindSpore / akg

    AKG(Auto Kernel Generator) is an optimizer for operators in Deep Learning Networks, which provides the ability to automatically fuse ops with specific patterns.

    最近更新: 14小时前

    867 MindSpore / mindarmour

    A tool box for MindSpore users to enhance model security and trustworthiness.

    最近更新: 16小时前

    645 MindSpore / serving

    A lightweight and high-performance service module that helps MindSpore developers efficiently deploy online inference services in the production environment.

    最近更新: 20小时前

    638 MindSpore / hub

    MindSpore Hub is a pre-trained model application tool of the MindSpore ecosystem, serving as a channel for model developers and application developers.

    最近更新: 1天前

    327 openEuler / iSulad GVP

    iSulad is a light weight container runtime daemon which is designed for IOT and Cloud infrastructure.

    最近更新: 4天前


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