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jian-li authored 2016-07-19 16:10 . initialzie git

##List of Known Dependencies ###ORB-SLAM2 version 1.0

In this document we list all the pieces of code included by ORB-SLAM2 and linked libraries which are not property of the authors of ORB-SLAM2.

#####Code in src and include folders

  • ORBextractor.cc. This is a modified version of orb.cpp of OpenCV library. The original code is BSD licensed.

  • PnPsolver.h, PnPsolver.cc. This is a modified version of the epnp.h and epnp.cc of Vincent Lepetit. This code can be found in popular BSD licensed computer vision libraries as OpenCV and OpenGV. The original code is FreeBSD.

  • Function ORBmatcher::DescriptorDistance in ORBmatcher.cc. The code is from: http://graphics.stanford.edu/~seander/bithacks.html#CountBitsSetParallel. The code is in the public domain.

#####Code in Thirdparty folder

  • All code in DBoW2 folder. This is a modified version of DBoW2 and DLib library. All files included are BSD licensed.

  • All code in g2o folder. This is a modified version of g2o. All files included are BSD licensed.

#####Library dependencies

  • Pangolin (visualization and user interface). https://github.com/stevenlovegrove/Pangolin

  • OpenCV. BSD licensed.

  • Eigen3. For versions greater than 3.1.1 is MPL2, earlier versions are LGPLv3.

  • BLAS (required by g2o). Freely-available software.

  • LAPACK(required by g2o). BSD licensed.

  • ROS (Optional, only if you build Examples/ROS). BSD licensed. In the manifest.xml the only declared package dependencies are roscpp, tf, sensor_msgs, image_transport, cv_bridge, which are all BSD licensed.

Updated: 23/01/2016 Raúl Mur Artal

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