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zouchengzhuo authored 2021-01-05 23:16 . update version to 2.4.15


  • fix display error in the left tree with set open
  • fix can not show timeout rate and fail rate in stat query
  • fix property query with set open
  • fix the node config is not consistent with the actual node
  • optimize the query logic of stat and property, when the day and pre day is the same
  • stat query support multi group query


  • The interface supports IDC grouping configuration. In the service editing, you can set whether the service enables IDC
  • It can be configured in the operation and maintenance interface of IDC
  • Batch modification service
  • Configuration change display comparison
  • dcache router info configuration
  • The directory tree displays only services with permissions
  • Multiple servers can be deployed in batches during deployment


  • fix inactive server not start when patch server
  • download url use html a tag
  • fix tree bug, when open set
  • expand, application/server support filter


  • fix monitor server page, hour show bug
  • fix server show name
  • fix registry_timestamp node update bug
  • fix add servant node return value bug
  • fix logview show bug


  • Fix the bug that the time zone is not the time zone when connecting to the database
  • Fix the bug displayed in the service monitoring (set mode) tree
  • Fix the problem that the drop-down list can still be clicked when the DCache overlay installation is read-only
  • Fix DCache tree data display bug
  • Fix dcache mk server publish bug
  • Create a DCache application for protection. It cannot be named web
  • Config history displays 10 pieces of data by default
  • The config configuration is sorted in reverse order
  • The memory size can be modified during dCache migration


  • fix dcache cache(no dbaccess) bug
  • fix ret[0]== 0,chart not show bug
  • fix addTask auth bug
  • fix db_cache_web.sql sql bug


  • tarsnode tag
  • patch package download
  • tarsnode batch update
  • config UI modify
  • web UI support multi tab
  • dcache support install dbaccess/backup/mirror
  • add login verify code
  • add search
  • fix auth bug
  • fix sync db bug
  • fix monitor chart data bug


  • update dcache logo
  • fix create table charset bug
  • support ldap login
  • support all user is admin
  • add update.js for db upgrate
  • /api/upload_patch_package return json
  • update webConf, charset use utf8
  • fix dcache property bug
  • fix config overflow bug
  • fix dcache proxy/router default template
  • fix db sync bug
  • fix benchmark, bug
  • fix tars protocol parse bug
  • support multi tab


  • add multi-gateway configuration feature
  • add path input when adding router in gateway station
  • support dcache deploy, support router, cache, proxy, dbaccess auto deploy
  • merge demo to web, not open to ports
  • support tars tree set bussiness relation
  • support tarsgo gracefull patch


  • fix strict mode, tarslog transfer deploy bug
  • edit servant obj, obj name can not has digit bug
  • Add TARS_WEB_SSO_PREFIX environment variable to identify the common prefix of web and demo, which is easy to deploy, for example: Web - > tars.com , demo-> sso.tars.com , export TARS_ WEB_ SSO_ PREFIX=sso


  • add gateway config
  • add operator permissions to current user when current user don't has admin auth


  • add install tutorial when benchmark admin is not installed
  • optimize the error message in benchmark tool when framework server exception
  • fix bug of not redirecting to login page when the uid and ticket in cookies are timeout


  • add benchmark tool to infTest


  • remove the space characters at the beginning and end of the file name when adding config file
  • fix bug of duplicate judgment when deploying a service
  • fixed bug of the application list and node list were emptied after the service was successfully deployed
  • fix bug of line wrap in modal of publish server


  • add dcache module to tars web


  • fix interface test bug when the server returns result of exception
  • fix protocal parse error when it has some special default value in interface test
  • fix bug of time order in monitor result
  • fix bug of tarsnode_install.sh
  • fix bug of timeout in pingNode
  • add houer filter of monitor query
  • add output info of tarsnode auto install
  • unified version with TarsFramework to improve git workflow


  • Modify the problem of token generation and increase the random number
  • Add the function of deleting nodes
  • Automatically publish, add blocking logic, and do not return until there are publishing results
  • Publish add result display
  • fix db_cache_web.sql, Fix SQL statement order to avoid foreign key error prompt
  • logview Support the display of special characters
  • add status display in node check


  • querystat & queryproperty change protocol to tars
  • tarsadmin multi machine alive
  • web show tarsadmin&registry
  • web: node add node connection check
  • clear publish history
  • auto upload & publish
  • add framework check
  • not stop tarsadminRegistry?
  • deploy: input application can select
  • show version in index page
  • open dcache default
  • add token support
  • node list choose in deploy


  • When modifying nodes without IP and using domain names, the tar node docker pulls the bug of tarsnode.tgz
  • Fix bug referencing configuration file
  • Fix the permission bug caused by sequenize upgrade to version 5.0
  • Webconf adds a configuration so that the upload package does not verify the login (the installation package can be uploaded automatically if required under the development of test environment)


  • Add the function of viewing log: under the service list of service management, click the service name to enter the interface of viewing the service log
  • Fix bugs not shown in release history
  • Fix the bug that the "push configuration file" does not take effect in the service configuration



  • Fix bugs in online installation of tarsnode in docker environment
  • Webconf adds host and replaces cost machine IP during installation
  • Add / get tarsnode URL to get the script to install tarsnode


  • During the installation, the installation package of the framework service is stored in the web / files directory, which is convenient for the update and installation of the framework service
  • Fix bug in auto install node
  • When installing a node, add a value to determine whether tarsnode.tgz exists
  • Add strict mode (valid when webconf. Strict = true or environment variable tars ﹣ web ﹣ strict = true) -The following features are available in strict mode:
  • Framework node, do not allow publishing other business services
  • There must be a node for the basic services of tars. You are not allowed to log off
  • Tarslog adds migration and deployment function. Before deploying other services, tarslog must be migrated and deployed on non framework nodes


  • Web: add tarsnode installation logic to operation and maintenance management interface


  • Web: add tarsnode list to operation and maintenance management interface
  • Fix 1.2.0 bug


  • Need to upgrade CPP to 1.2.0, protocol to 1.2.0, framework to 1.2.0
  • Web: deploy SSL service, support service binding domain name
  • Web: check the active status of the service when offline
  • When the Web: service is expanded, the domain name can be bound
  • Web: adjust the publishing interface to make the operation easier to understand
  • Web: add and refresh the service management interface
  • Web: prompt for publishing errors (jump to the service management page to view)


  • Update tar web support and mount nginx on the front end of tar Web


  • Update the installation mode of tar web, and support permission verification by default
  • Create the admin user by default, and change the admin password for the first login
  • Registration not allowed, admin user to create user
  • Add password modification function

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