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zanyzhao authored 2020-07-23 22:28 . doc: 部署文档国际化 #2161

Installation & Deployment

1. Deployment Directory Guide

The deployment directory conforms to BlueKing Operation Specifications. Here is an example with /data/bkee as root directory. Users can change the directory name by themselves, like /a/b. Since the directory has multiple lower directories, they need to go through them carefully. The details are as follows.

|- /data/bkee  # Root directory of BlueKing
  |- ci      # Directory of ci deployment programs
  |- etc       # Root directory of BlueKing configuration files
    |- ci    # Directory of ci configuration files

The following directories are explained in detail.

1.1 Directory of ci deployment

|- /data/bkee/ci       # Root directory of the program
  |- agent-package       # Location of the agent installation package
  |- frontend            # Directory of frontend static resources
  |- gateway             # Gateway configuration files and Lua scripts
  |- project             # There is a total of 10 microservice directories and they will not be listed here one by one.
    |- project.sh        # Startup script of the Project microservice
    |- boot-project.jar  # SpringBoot.jar of the Project microservice

1.2 Directory of ci configuration files

|- /data/bkee/etc   # Root directory of BlueKing configuration files
  |- ci                 # Directory of ci configuration files
    |- common.yml   # Common configurations of all microservices
    |- application-project.yml  # Configurations of the Project microservice. There are 10 microservice configuration files. If new microservices are added, the corresponding configuration files will be placed here.

2. Basic Environment Deployment

2.1 System Requirements

2.2 Database Initialization

Run files in the support-files/sql directory sequentially by file number.

3. Program Deployment

3.1 Gateway Deployment

OpenResty is used as the gateway server. The deployment consists of two parts, OpenResty installation as well as deployment of Lua and Nginx configurations of gateway.

3.2 Frontend Compilation & Deployment

Configuration file templates created from frontend builds require variable substitution.

  ./render_tpl -m ci /data/bkee/ci/frontend/pipeline/frontend#pipeline#index.html
  ./render_tpl -m ci /data/bkee/ci/frontend/console/frontend#console#index.html

3.3 Backend Microservice Deployment

Compilation and deployment of backend microservices and agent.jar

3.4 Agent Compilation & Deployment

3.5 Initialization of configuration files in the support-files/template directory

Variables in configuration files that are declared with "__" (two underscores) require a placeholder substitution and the substituted ones have been extracted to the scripts/bkenv.properties file.

  • The corresponding parameters in scripts/bkenv.properties need to be modified. Parameters relating to BlueKing or unused parameters can remain as default. Save and exit after modification.

    • Set INSTALL_PATH to the root directory of installation. Its default value is /data/bkee.
    • It is not recommended to modify the MODULE parameter. Its default value is ci.
  • Running the scripts/render_tpl script will automatically substitute all the variables in all the files in the support-files/templates directory and move these files to the normal installation path.

cd /data/bkee/ci/scripts
chmod +x render_tpl
./render_tpl -m ci ../support-files/templates/*