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    Eric / freeswitch-asr forked from 狮子的魂 / freeswitch-asr

    TTS and ASR module with auto Voice Active Detecting supported for Freeswitch. I build it for Nature sound interactive, With the embedded LUA engine we could easly build a Freeswtich application like this.

    Eric / beimi forked from 佛山市贝密信息科技有限公司 / beimi


    Eric / paascloud-mall-web forked from 无痕 / paascloud-mall-web

    paascloud-master 配套的模拟商城前端项目

    Eric / paascloud-login-web forked from 无痕 / paascloud-login-web

    paascloud-master 配套的统一登录前端项目

    Eric / paascloud-master forked from 无痕 / paascloud-master

    spring cloud + vue 全家桶实战,模拟商城,完整的购物流程、后端运营平台,可以实现快速搭建企业级微服务项目