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bl mcu sdk is an MCU software development kit provided by the Bouffalo Lab Team for BL602/BL604, BL702/BL704/BL706 and other series of chips in the future.

Code Framework

├── bsp
│ ├── board
│ │ ├── bl706_avb
│ │ ├── bl706_iot
│ │ └── bl602_xxx
│ └── bsp_common
├── common
│ ├── device
│ ├── list
│ ├── memheap
│ ├── misc
│ ├── partition
│ ├── ring_buffer
│ └── soft_crc
├── components
│ ├── ble
│ ├── fatfs
│ ├── freertos
│ ├── shell
│ └── usb_stack
├── docs
│ ├── bl70x_docs
│ ├── development_guide
├── drivers
│ ├── bl602_driver
│ └── bl702_driver
├── examples
│ ├── adc
│ ├── audio
│ ├── camera
│ ├── dac
│ ├── dma
│ ├── gpio
│ ├── hellowd
│ ├── i2c
│ ├── i2s
│ ├── memheap
│ ├── spi
│ ├── uart
│ └── usb
├── out
└── tools
    ├── bflb_flash_tool
    ├── cdk_flashloader
    ├── cmake
    └── openocd
  • bsp/bsp_common : stores some common peripheral driver codes related to the board
  • bsp/board : stores the board-level description file such as clock_config.h (describes the clock configuration file) pinmux_config.h (describes the io function file) peripheral_config.h (describes the default configuration file of the peripheral) , These files together describe the board hardware information.
  • common : stores some common algorithm function libraries that have nothing to do with hardware
  • components : store the third-party library public component library
  • drivers store the public chip underlying driver library provided by Boliu Intelligence
  • examples : store the official sample code
  • out : intermediate file, used to store the bin file generated after compiling and linking
  • tools : store toolkits related to compiling and downloading
  • docs : store tutorial documents and other help information

For more file directory reference information, please refer to bl mcu sdk documentation tutorial




Hardware Resources

  • BL706 IOT Development board BL706_IOT

  • BL706 AVB Development Board BL706_AVB

There is currently no official purchase channel. If you want to get the above development board, you can apply for it in any open source community.

Chip Manual

Chip Reference Manual | Chip Data Manual

For more information, please visit the BouffaloLab developer website: https://dev.bouffalolab.com/

Documentation Tutorial

Contains a quick start tutorial for bl mcu sdk development, api manual and a detailed introduction to the driver framework, etc.

Video Tutorial

Development Tools

Command Line Development

For the tools needed for command line development, please refer to linux development guide

git clone https://gitee.com/bouffalolab/toolchain_gcc_sifive_linux.git

Eclipse Development

For the tools needed for Eclipse development, please refer to Eclipse Development Guide

git clone https://gitee.com/bouffalolab/toolchain_gcc_sifive_windows.git
  • J-Link v10, J-Link debugger, used to debug the chip online, it is recommended to use the hardware of J-Link V10 or above, and the software driver is recommended to use V6 .98 version

CDK Development

For tools needed for CDK development, please refer to CDK Development Guide

  • CDK, Jianchi CDK integrated development environment of T-Head , it is recommended to use CDK v2.8.4 or above

Flash Tool

In addition to using CK-link, J-link and command line programming, it also supports graphical programming tools. Graphical programming tools provided by Bouffalolab:

How to make sdk as submodule

First add bl_mcu_sdk to your own project using the add submodule command, and then commit the gitmodules file to the remote repo.

git submodule add https://gitee.com/bouffalolab/bl_mcu_sdk.git bl_mcu_sdk
cd bl_mcu_sdk
git pull --rebase
cd ..
git add .gitmodules
git add bl_mcu_sdk
git commit -m "xxx"
git push

The final catalog presents the following results:

├── hardware
├── xxxx
├── xxxx
├── xxxx
├── bl_mcu_sdk
├── user_code
│   └── gpio
│       ├── gpio_blink
│       ├── gpio_dht11
│       └── gpio_int

Command Line compile

    cd bl_mcu_sdk
    make APP=xxx APP_DIR=../user_code


Bouffalolab Developer Forum: https://bbs.bouffalolab.com/


bl mcu sdk is completely open source and follows the Apache License 2.0 open source license agreement. It can be used in commercial products for free and does not require public private code.

 * Copyright (c) 2021 Bouffalolab team
 * SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

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bl_mcu_sdk is MCU software development kit provided by Bouffalo Lab Team for BL602/BL604, BL702/BL704/BL706 and other series of RISC-V based chips in the future. expand collapse
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