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XFly-Studio / Grid.Blazor

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GridBlazor for ASP.NET Core MVC



You can enable the searching option for your grid. Searching allows to search for a text on all columns at the same time.

You can enable searching for all columns of a grid using the Searchable method for both GridClient and GridServer objects:

  • razor page

        var client = new GridClient<Order>(q => orderService.GetOrdersGridRows(columns, q), query, false, "ordersGrid", Columns, locale)
            .Searchable(true, false, true)
  • service method

        var server = new GridServer<Order>(repository.GetAll(), Request.Query, true, "ordersGrid", columns, 10)
            .Searchable(true, false, true)

Searching parameters

Parameter Description Example
enable (optional) bool to enable searching on the grid Searchable(true, ...)
onlyTextColumns (optional) bool to enable searching on all collumns or just on string ones Searchable(..., true, ...)
hiddenColumns (optional) bool to enable searching on hidden columns Searchable(..., true)

enable default value is true, onlyTextColumns default value is true, and hiddenColumns default value is false.

Searching on boolean columns has benn disabled because EF Core 3.0 is not supporting it yet.

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