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周周 authored 2020-11-26 14:29 . :bookmark: :bookmark: :bookmark: Releasing / Version tags. 2.1.1



J2eeFAST is an enterprise-level quick development platform for Java EE, We are committed to building an open-source and free background framework platform for SMEs. . The system is developed based on classic Technologies (Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Apache Shiro, MyBatis-Plus, Freemarker, Bootstrap, and AdminLTE). The built-in core modules of the system include many common basic functions ( Online code generation functions, organizations, role users, menu and button authorization, data permissions, and system parameters , license authentication, BPM workflow, etc.), It allows you to develop projects with the lowest cost and highest efficiency. She is also suitable for novice friends to practice. . At the same time, Simple and beautiful interface, high efficiency, security, controllable source code, fast version iteration, free technical exchange group And other features. It is suitable for all Web applications and will be a good helper for you to quickly develop projects.

Software Architecture

  1. Core Framework: Spring Boot 2.X
  2. Security Framework: Apache Shiro
  3. Template engine: Freemarker
  4. Frontend: AdminLTE 2.3.8, Bootstrap 3.3.7, Bootstrap-Table 1.11.0, JQuery 3.3.1
  5. Persistence layer framework: MyBatis-Plus 3.3.1
  6. Scheduled task: Quartz
  7. Database connection pool: Druid 1.10.1
  8. Database: Mysql5.7
  9. Distributed Cache database: Redis 4.0.9
  10. Tools: Hutool 4.5.8

Participation and contribution

  1. The design idea of this project draws on the design idea of many excellent projects in the background management framework of open source projects in current Gitee.
  2. Special thanks to the original authors of JeeSite, RuoYi, and Mybatis-Plus for their contributions!
  3. I would also like to thank many small partners for their project questions and code contributions.

About the system

  • J2eeFAST (fast development open source system) Name origin: contains the author's wonderful fantasy about software development, hoping that software development will become fast and simple, everyone can share their own technology to achieve a fast and powerful software system, allowing us to have more time to accompany our family! You may see the shadow of many excellent open-source projects in this system, because it integrates many excellent open-source project essence functions, and grows up in this environment, however, she still has many shortcomings at present. I hope the great gods will show mercy. If you also like open source and this project, the author welcomes you to join, J2eeFAST will become more perfect and rich because of your joining!
  • If this project is helpful to you, Please click Star Collection , This project will be maintained for a long time. , if you have any questions or suggestions in use, please Code cloud issue submission The author will deal with it as soon as possible. Let's improve J2eeFAST together.
  • Official website: http://www.j2eefast.com
  • Documentation: J2eeFAST Development Manual
  • About updates: The project will now slow down the update and optimization details, and the demo website will be suspended from time to time, so please forgive the inconvenience!
  • QQ group: 805468934


  • The code of this project is all open source at no cost. If someone sells this system to you, it is a liar!
  • J2eeFAST shall not be used for acts that endanger national security, honor and interests, and shall not be used for illegal acts in any form, otherwise the consequences shall be at your own risk.
  • The predecessor of J2eeFAST was mainly used for bank projects, and it paid great attention to safety factors, which can be seen from the project login. Moreover, the project itself is 100% open source, but you need to know that software has vulnerabilities, and no one can guarantee that software is 100% free of vulnerabilities. Therefore, the losses caused by the software vulnerabilities will not be compensated, and at the same time, it will not bear any relevant legal liabilities arising from the use of the software. Please also carry out necessary security monitoring before the software goes online to avoid security problems.

Demo address

  1. Demo address: http://www.j2eefast.com
    Account: admin Password: admin
  2. Features are still being updated......

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