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GavinZhulei authored 2020-07-20 14:58 . update docs

Secondary Development


The secondary need development need fundamental comment of vue, regards vue you can refer to https://cn.vuejs.org/v2/guide/.

Get Source Code

git clone https://github.com/GavinZhuLei/vue-form-making.git

Install Dependencies

npm install


npm run serve


You can rebuild the code if you have any change, and then put the package into dist directroy, the build command is as below:

npm run build-bundle

Extend Form Attributes

You can extend the attributes of the component as you need,we will show you how to do this:

1. Add Form Attributes


  export default {
    // ...
   	data () {
      return {
        widgetForm: {
          list: [],
          config: {
            labelWidth: 100,
            labelPosition: 'top',
            size: 'small'
            // put you own attributes here

2. Modify MakeForm

open src/components/FormConfig.vue, modify the file to support your new attributes. the props.data is the config data widgetForm.config.

3. Modify GenerateForm

open src/components/GenerateForm.vue , modify the file to add your new attributes.

Extend Component

1. Add custom component information

Modify src/components/componentsConfig.js to add you custom component information,currently we have 3 objects to save the component information , they are basicComponents advanceComponents layoutComponents, which we call them [Basic Component], [Advanced Component], [Layout] in MakeForm:

  type: 'input', //component type
  name: 'text', //The name of component,which will display in MakeFrom
  icon: 'icon-input', //The icon of the component, you can customized the icon
  options: { // The configuration of component
    defaultValue: '', // Defalue value of the component

2. Import the Component

Import you component in src/components/WidgetFormItem.vue 、 src/components/GenerateFormItem.vue as below:

import CustomComponent from 'your component location'
export default {
  components: {

3. Modify WidgetConfig.vue

Modify src/components/WidgetConfig.vue according to your requirement, now you can use you own component in the FromMaking.

Customized Icon

For default,we used Alibaba font icon library iconfont , if you want to customized the icon, you can copy you own icon file into the project to replace the default icon, if default icon is in src/iconfont.