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Smart-Doc Gradle Plugin

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smart-doc-gradle-plugin is a gradle plugin developed by the smart-doc official team. This plugin is available from smart-doc 1.8.6. Using smart-doc-gradle-plugin makes it easier to integrate smart-doc into your project, and integration is more lightweight. You no longer need to write unit tests in your project to Start smart-doc to scan source code analysis and generate API documents. You can run the gradle command directly or click on the preset goal of the smart-doc-maven-plugin in the IDE to generate API documentation. smart-doc-gradle-plugin will also make smart-doc's ability to generate API documentation more powerful. About smart-doc

Best Practice

smart-doc + Torna form an industry-leading document generation and management solution, using smart-doc to complete Java source code analysis and extract annotations to generate API documents without intrusion, and automatically push the documents to the Torna enterprise-level interface document management platform.


Getting started

Add plugin

Using the plugins DSL:

plugins {
  id "com.github.shalousun.smart-doc" version "[latest]"

Using legacy plugin application:

buildscript {
  repositories {
    maven {
      url "https://plugins.gradle.org/m2/"
  dependencies {
    classpath "com.github.shalousun:smart-doc-gradle-plugin:[latest]"

apply plugin: "com.github.shalousun.smart-doc"

Plugin options

Option Default value Description
configFile src/main/resources/default.json
exclude exclude artifact,usage:exclude 'org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-tomcat'
include Let the plugin download the specified java lib source,usage:include 'org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-tomcat'

Example setting of options:

smartdoc {
    configFile = file("src/main/resources/default.json")
    // exclude example
    // exclude artifact
    exclude 'org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-tomcat'
    // exclude artifact use pattern
    exclude 'org.springframework.boot.*'
    // You can use the include configuration to let the plugin automatically load the specified source.
    // include example
    include 'org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-tomcat'

For multi-module gradle projects, if you do not want to configure in each module, you can put the smart-doc plugin related configuration into subprojects.

    apply plugin: 'com.github.shalousun.smart-doc'
    smartdoc {
        configFile = file("src/main/resources/smart-doc.json")
        // exclude artifact
        exclude 'org.springframework.boot:xx'
        exclude 'org.springframework.boot:ddd'
        // You can use the include configuration to let the plugin automatically load the specified source.
        // include example
        include 'org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-tomcat'

Create a json config

Create a json configuration file in your project. If it is multiple modules, put them in the modules that need to generate documents. The smart-doc-gradle-plugin plugin will use this configuration information. For example, create /src/main/resources/smart-doc.json in the project. The configuration contents are as follows.

Minimize configuration:

   "allInOne": true, // whether to merge documents into one file, generally recommended as true
   "isStrict": false,//If the strict mode is set to true, Smart-doc forces that the public method in each interface in the code has a comment.
   "outPath": "/src/main/resources" //Set the api document output path.

Only three configuration items are required to use the smart-doc-gradle-plugin to generate API documentation. In fact, only outPath must be configured.

Detailed configuration content:

When you need to use smart-doc to generate more API document information, you can add detailed configuration content.

  "serverUrl": "", // Set the server address, not required
  "isStrict": false, // whether to enable strict mode
  "allInOne": true, // whether to merge documents into one file, generally recommended as true
  "outPath": "D: // md2", // Specify the output path of the document
  "coverOld": true, // Whether to overwrite old files, mainly used for mardown file overwrite
  "style":"xt256", //set highlight
  "createDebugPage": true,//Create a page that can be used to test your APIs like swagger
  "language":"ENGLISH",//support ENGLISH and CHINESE
  "packageFilters": "", // controller package filtering, multiple package names separated by commas
  "md5EncryptedHtmlName": false, // only used if each controller generates an html file
  "projectName": "smart-doc", // Configure your own project name
  "skipTransientField": true, // Not currently implemented
  "requestFieldToUnderline":true, //convert request field to underline
  "responseFieldToUnderline":true,//convert response field to underline
  "sortByTitle":false,//Sort by interface title, the default value is false
  "showAuthor":true,// display author,default is true
  "inlineEnum":true,// Set to true to display enumeration details in the parameter table
  "recursionLimit":7,// Set the number of recursive executions to avoid stack overflow, the default is 7
  "allInOneDocFileName":"index.html",//Customize the output document name
  "requestExample":"true",//Whether to display the request example in the document, the default value is true.
  "responseExample":"true",//Whether to display the response example in the document, the default is true.
  "displayActualType":false,//display actual type of generic,
  "urlSuffix":".do",//Support the url suffix of the old SpringMVC project,@since 2.1.0
  "appKey": "xxx",// torna appKey, @since 2.0.9
  "appToken": "xxx", //torna appToken,@since 2.0.9
  "secret": "xx",//torna secret,@since 2.0.9
  "openUrl": "torna server/api/",//torna server url,@since 2.0.9
  "ignoreRequestParams":[ //The request parameter object will be discarded when generating the document.@since 1.9.2
  "dataDictionaries": [{// Configure the data dictionary, no need to set
       "title": "Order Status", // The name of the data dictionary
       "enumClassName": "com.power.doc.enums.OrderEnum", // Data dictionary enumeration class name
       "codeField": "code", // The field name corresponding to the data dictionary dictionary code
       "descField": "desc" // Data dictionary object description information dictionary
  "errorCodeDictionaries": [{// error code list, no need to set
       "title": "title",
       "enumClassName": "com.power.doc.enums.ErrorCodeEnum", // Error code enumeration class
       "codeField": "code", // Code field name of the error code
       "descField": "desc" // Field name corresponding to the error code description
  "revisionLogs": [{// Set document change records, no need to set
       "version": "1.0", // Document version number
       "revisionTime": "2020-12-31 10:30", //revision time
       "author": "author", // Document change author
       "status": "update", // Change operation status, generally: create, update, etc.
       "remarks": "desc" // Change description
  "customResponseFields": [{// Customly add fields and comments. If api-doc encounters a field with the same name later, directly add a comment to the corresponding field. It is not necessary.
       "name": "code", // Override the response code field
       "desc": "Response code", // Override field comment of response code
       "value": "00000" // Set the value of the response code
  "customRequestFields": [{//@since 2.1.3
       "name":"code", //Override the request code field
       "desc":"request code", //Override field comment of response code
       "value":"200", // Set the value of the response code
  "apiObjectReplacements": [{ // Supports replacing specified objects with custom objects to complete document rendering
       "className": "org.springframework.data.domain.Pageable",
       "replacementClassName": "com.power.doc.model.PageRequestDto" //Use custom PageRequestDto instead of JPA Pageable for document rendering.
  "rpcApiDependencies":[{ // Your Apache Dubbo api interface module dependency description.
  "apiConstants": [{//Configure your own constant class, smart-doc automatically replaces with a specific value when parsing to a constant
       "constantsClassName": "com.power.doc.constants.RequestParamConstant"
  "responseBodyAdvice":{ //Support ResponseBodyAdvice
       "className":"com.power.common.model.CommonResult" // Standard POJO for Response
  "requestBodyAdvice":{ //Support ResponseBodyAdvice
       "className":"com.power.common.model.CommonResult" // Standard POJO for Request
  "rpcConsumerConfig": "src/main/resources/consumer-example.conf",//dubbo consumer config example
  "requestHeaders": [{// Set global request headers, no need to set
       "name": "token",
       "type": "string",
       "desc": "desc",
       "required": false,
       "since": "-"

Note: The above json configuration is completely converted into json using the smart-doc's ApiConfig. So the project configuration can also refer to the introduction of smart-doc.

Generated document

Use Gradle command

// Generate html
gradle smartDocRestHtml
// Generate markdown
gradle smartDocRestMarkdown
// Generate adoc
gradle smartDocRestAdoc
// Generate postman collection
gradle smartDocPostman
// Generate Open Api 3.0+
gradle smartDocOpenApi
// Generate document and send to Torna
gradle tornaRest

// For Apache Dubbo Rpc
gradle smartDocRpcHtml
// Generate markdown
gradle smartDocRpcMarkdown
// Generate adoc
gradle smartDocRpcAdoc

Use In IntelliJ IDEA

On Use IntelliJ IDE, if you have added smart-doc-gradle-plugin to the project, you can directly find the plugin smart-doc plugin and click to generate API documentation.


Generated document example

Interface header rendering


Request parameter example rendering


Response parameter example renderings



you can build with the following commands. (Java 1.8 is required to build the master branch)

// build and publish to local
gradle publishToMavenLocal
// build and publish to nexus
gradle uploadArchives

Other reference

Who is using

These are only part of the companies using smart-doc, for reference only. If you are using smart-doc, please add your company here to tell us your scenario to make smart-doc better.



smart-doc-gradle-plugin is under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.


Email: 836575280@qq.com