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Minikube Release Notes

Version 0.27.0 - 5/14/2018

  • Start the default network for the kvm2 driver @2806
  • Fix 1.9.x versions of Kubernetes with the kubeadm bootstrapper #2791
  • Switch the ingress addon from an RC to a Deployment #2788
  • Update nginx ingress controller to 0.14.0 #2780
  • Disable dnsmasq on network for kvm driver #2745

Version 0.26.1 - 4/17/2018

  • Mark hyperkit, kvm2 and none drivers as supported #2734 and #2728
  • Bug fix for hyper-v driver #2719
  • Add back CRI preflight ignore #2723
  • Fix preflight checks on clusters <1.9 #2721

Version 0.26.0 - 4/3/2018

  • Update to Kubernetes 1.10 #2657
  • Update Nginx Ingress Plugin to 0.12.0 #2644
  • [Minikube ISO] Add SSHFS Support to the Minikube ISO #2600
  • Upgrade Docker to 17.12 #2597
  • Deactivate HSTS in Ingress by default #2591
  • Add ValidatingAdmissionWebhook admission controller #2590
  • Upgrade docker-machine to fix Hyper-v name conflict #2586
  • Upgrade Core DNS Addon to 1.0.6 #2584
  • Add metrics server Addon #2566
  • Allow nesting in KVM driver #2555
  • Add MutatingAdmissionWebhook admission controller #2547
  • [Minikube ISO] Add Netfilter module to the ISO for Calico #2490
  • Add memory and request limit to EFK Addon #2465

Version 0.25.0 - 1/26/2018

  • Add freshpod addon #2423
  • List addons in consistent sort order #2446
  • [Minikube ISO] Upgrade Docker to 17.09 #2427
  • [Minikube ISO] Change cri-o socket location to upstream default #2262
  • [Minikube ISO] Update crio to v1.0.3 #2311
  • Change Dashboard from Replication Controller to Deployment #2409
  • Upgrade kube-addon-manager to v6.5 #2400
  • Upgrade heapster to v1.5.0 #2335
  • Upgrade ingress controller to v0.9.0 #2292
  • Upgrade docker machine to g49dfaa70 #2299
  • Added ingress integration tests #2254
  • Converted image registries to k8s.gcr.io #2356
  • Added cache list command #2272
  • Upgrade to Kubernetes 1.9 #2343
  • [hyperkit] Support NFS Sharing #2337

Version 0.24.1 - 11/30/2017

  • Add checksum verification for localkube
  • Bump minikube iso to v0.23.6

Version 0.24.0 - 11/29/2017

  • Deprecated xhyve and kvm drivers #2227
  • Added support for a "rootfs" layer in .minikube/files #2110
  • Added a cache command to cache non-minikube images #2203
  • Updated Dashboard addon to v1.8.0 #2223
  • Switched the virtualbox driver to use virtio networking #2211
  • Better error message in hyperkit driver #2215
  • Update heapster addon to v1.5.0 #2182
  • Moved the storage provisioner to run in a pod #2137
  • Added support for tcp and udp services to the ingress addon #2142
  • Bug fix to use the minikube context instead of the current kubectl context #2128
  • Added zsh autocompletion #2194

Version 0.23.0 - 10/26/2017

  • Upgraded to go 1.9 #2113
  • Localkube is no longer packaged in minikube bin-data #2089
  • Upgraded to Kubernetes 1.8 #2088
  • Added more verbose logging to minikube start #2078
  • Added CoreDNS as an Addon
  • Updated Ingress Addon to v0.9.0-beta.15
  • Updated Dashboard to v1.7.0
  • Force the none driver to use netgo #2074
  • [kvm driver] Driver now returns state.Running for DOM_SHUTDOWN #2109
  • [localkube] Added support for CRI-O
  • [kubeadm] Added support for CRI-O #2052
  • [kubeadm] Added support for feature gates #2037
  • [Minikube ISO] Bumped to version v0.23.6 #2091
  • [Minikube ISO] Upgraded to Docker 17.05-ce #1542
  • [Minikube ISO] Upgraded to CRI-O v1.0.0 #2069

Version 0.22.3 - 10/3/2017

  • Update dnsmasq to 1.14.5 2022

  • Windows cache path fix 2000

  • Windows path fix 1981

  • Components (apiserver, controller-manager, scheduler, kubelet) can now be configured in the kubeadm bootstrapper with the --extra-config flag 1985

  • Kubeadm bootstrapper updated to work with Kubernetes v1.8.0 1985

  • OpenAPI registration fix cherry-picked for compatibility with kubectl v1.8.0 2031

  • [MINIKUBE ISO] Added cri-o runtime 1998

Version 0.22.2 - 9/15/2017

  • Fix path issue on windows 1954
  • Added experimental kubeadm bootstrapper 1903
  • Fixed Hyper-V KVP daemon 1958

Version 0.22.1 - 9/6/2017

  • Fix for chmod error on windows 1933

Version 0.22.0 - 9/6/2017

  • Made secure serving the default for all components and disabled insecure serving #1694

  • Increased minikube boot speed by caching docker images #1881

  • Added .minikube/files directory which gets moved into the VM at /files each VM start#1917

  • Update kubernetes to v1.7.51912

  • Update etcd to v3 #1720

  • Added experimental hyperkit driver in tree#1776

  • Added experimental kvm driver in tree#1828

  • [MINIKUBE ISO] Update cni-bin to v0.6.0-rc1 #1760

Version 0.21.0 - 7/25/2017

  • Added check for extra arguments to minikube delete #1718

  • Add GCR URL Env Var to Registry-Creds addon #1436

  • Bump version of Registry-Creds addon to v1.8 #1711

  • Add duration as a configurable type for the configurator #1715

  • Added msize and 9p-version flags to mount #1705

  • Fixed password shown in plaintext when configuring Registry-Creds addon #1708

  • Updated Ingress controller addon to v0.9-beta.11 #1703

  • Set kube-proxy sync defaults to reduce localkube CPU load #1699

  • Updated default kubernetes version to v1.7.0 #1693

  • Updated kube-dns to v1.14.2 #1693

  • Updated addon-manager to v6.4-beta.2 #1693

  • Fix fetching localkube from internet when the default version is specified #1688

  • Removed show-libmachine-logs and use-vendored-driver flags from minikube #1685

  • Added logging message before waiting for the VM IP address #1681

  • Added a --disable-driver-mounts flag to minikube start to disable xhyve and vbox fs mounts #1646

  • Added dockerized builds for minikube and localkube with BUILD_IN_DOCKER=y make #1656

  • Added script to automatically update Arch AUR and brew cask #1642

  • Added wait and interval time flags to minikube service command #1651

  • Fixed flags to use 9p syntax for uid and gid #1643

  • [Minikube ISO] Bump ISO Version to v0.23.0

  • [Minikube ISO] Added optional makefile variable $ISO_DOCKER_EXTRA_ARGS passed into make out/minikube.iso #1657

  • [Minikube ISO] Upgraded docker to v1.12.6 #1658

  • [Minikube ISO] Added CephFS kernel modules #1669

  • [Minikube ISO] Enabled VSOCK kernel modules #1686

  • [Minikube ISO] Enable IPSET kernel module #1697

  • [Minikube ISO] Add ebtables util and enable kernel module #1713

Version 0.20.0 - 6/17/2017

  • Updated default Kubernetes version to 1.6.4

  • Added Local Registry Addon minikube addons enable registry #1583

  • Fixed kube-DNS addon failures

  • Bumped default ISO version to 0.20.0

  • Fixed mtime issue on macOS #1594

  • Use --dns-domain for k8s API server cert generation #1589

  • Added minikube update-context command #1578

  • Added kubeconfig context and minikube ip to minikube status #1578

  • Use native golang ssh #1571

  • Don't treat stopping stoppped hosts as error #1606

  • Bumped ingress addon to 0.9-beta.8

  • Removed systemd dependency for None driver #1592

  • [Minikube ISO] Enabled IP_VS, MACVLAN, and VXLAN Kernel modules

  • [Minikube ISO] Increase number of inodes

  • [Minikube ISO] Use buildroot branch 2017-02

Version 0.19.1 - 5/30/2017

  • Fixed issue where using TPRs could cause localkube to crash
  • Added mount daemon that can be started using minikube start --mount --mount-string="/path/to/mount". Cleanup of mount handled by minikube delete
  • Added minikube "none" driver which does not require a VM but instead launches k8s components on the host. This allows minikube to be used in cloud environments that don't support nested virtualizations. This can be launched by running sudo minikube start --vm-driver=none --use-vendored-driver
  • Update kube-dns to 1.14.2
  • Update kubernetes to 1.6.4
  • Added minikube ssh-key command which retrieves the ssh key information for the minikubeVM
  • Fixed vbox interface issue with minikube mount

Version 0.19.0 - 5/3/2017

  • Updated nginx ingress to v0.9-beta.4
  • Updated kube-dns to 1.14.1
  • Added optional --profile flag to all minikube commands to support multiple minikube instances
  • Increased localkube boot speed by removing dependency on the network being up
  • Improved integration tests to be more stable
  • Fixed issue where using TPRs could cause localkube to crash

Version 0.18.0 - 4/6/2017

  • Upgraded default kubernetes version to v1.6.0

  • Mount command on macOS xhyve

  • Pods can now write to files mounted by minikube mount

  • Added addon configure command

  • Made DNS domain configurable with --dns-domain flag to minikube start

  • Upgraded Kubernetes Dashboard to 1.6.0

  • Removed Boot2Docker ISO support

  • Added addons disable default-storageclass command to disable default dynamic provisioner

  • Added support for private docker registry in registry-creds addon

  • Added --f flag to minikube logs to stream logs

  • Added --docker-opts flag to minikube start to propagate docker options to the daemon

  • Updated heapster addon to v1.3.0

  • Updated ingress addon to v0.9-beta.3

  • Made localkube versions backwards compatible for versions without --apiserver-name

  • [Minikube ISO] ISO will now be versioned the same as minikube

  • [Minikube ISO] Added timezone data

  • [Minikube ISO] Added jq and coreutils packages

  • [Minikube ISO] Enabled RDB Kernel module

  • [Minikube ISO] Added dockerized build for iso image

  • [Minikube ISO] Enabled NFS_v4_2 in kernel

  • [Minikube ISO] Added CIFS-utils

Version 0.17.1 - 3/2/2017

  • Removed vendored KVM driver so minikube doesn't have a dependency on libvirt-bin

  • [Minikube ISO] Added ethtool

  • [Minikube ISO] Added bootlocal.sh script for custom startup options

  • [Minikube ISO] Added version info in /etc/VERSION

  • [Minikube ISO] Bumped rkt to v1.24.0

  • [Minikube ISO] Enabled user namespaces in kernel

  • [Minikube ISO] /tmp/hostpath_pv and /tmp/hostpath-provisioner are now persisted

Version 0.17.0 - 3/2/2017

  • Added external hostpath provisioner to localkube
  • Added unit test coverage
  • Added API Name as configuration option
  • Etcd is now accessible to pods
  • Always use native golang SSH
  • Added a deprecation warning to boot2docker provisioner
  • Added MINIKUBE_HOME environment variable
  • Added minikube mount command for 9p server

Version 0.16.0 - 2/2/2017

  • Updated minikube ISO to v1.0.6

  • Updated Registry Creds addon to v1.5

  • Added check for minimum disk size

  • Updated kubernetes to v1.5.2

  • [Minikube ISO] Added back in curl, git, and rsync

  • [Minikube ISO] Enabled CONFIG_TUN in kernel

  • [Minikube ISO] Added NFS packages

  • [Minikube ISO] Enabled swapon on start/stop

  • [Minikube ISO] Updated CNI to v0.4.0

  • [Minikube ISO] Fix permissions for /data directory

  • [Minikube ISO] Updated RKT to v1.23.0

  • [Minikube ISO] Added in CoreOS toolbox binary

  • [Minikube ISO] Fixed vboxFS permission error

Version 0.15.0 - 1/10/2017

  • Update Dashboard to v1.5.1, fixes a CSRF vulnerability in the dashboard
  • Updated Kube-DNS addon to v1.9
  • Now supports kubenet as a network plugin
  • Added --feature-gates flag to enable alpha and experimental features in kube components
  • Added --keep-context flag to keep the current kubectl context when starting minikube
  • Added environment variable to enable trace profiling in minikube binary
  • Updated default ISO to buildroot based minikube.iso v1.0.2
  • Localkube now runs as a systemd unit in the minikube VM
  • Switched integration tests to use golang subtest framework

Version 0.14.0 - 12/14/2016

  • Update to k8s v1.5.1
  • Update Addon-manager to v6.1
  • Update Dashboard to v1.5
  • Run localkube as systemd unit in minikube-iso
  • Add ingress addon
  • Add aws-creds addon
  • Iso-url is now configurable through minikube config set
  • Refactor integration tests

Version 0.13.1 - 12/5/2016

  • Fix service list command
  • Dashboard dowgnraded to v1.4.2, correctly shows PetSets again

Version 0.13.0 - 12/1/2016

  • Added heapster addon, disabled by default
  • Added minikube addon open command
  • Added Linux Virtualbox Integration tests
  • Added Linux KVM Integration tests
  • Added Minikube ISO Integration test on OS X
  • Multiple fixes to Minikube ISO
  • Updated docker-machine, pflag libraries
  • Added support for net.PortRange to the configurator
  • Fix bug for handling multiple kubeconfigs in env var
  • Update dashboard version to 1.5.0

Version 0.12.2 - 10/31/2016

  • Fixed dashboard command
  • Added support for net.IP to the configurator
  • Updated dashboard version to 1.4.2

Version 0.12.1 - 10/28/2016

  • Added docker-env support to the buildroot provisioner
  • minikube service command now supports multiple ports
  • Added minikube service list command
  • Added minikube completion bash command to generate bash completion
  • Add progress bars for downloading, switch to go-download
  • Run kube-dns as addon instead of vendored in kube2sky
  • Remove static UUID for xhyve driver
  • Add option to specify network name for KVM

Version 0.12.0 - 10/21/2016

  • Added support for the KUBECONFIG env var during 'minikube start'
  • Updated default k8s version to v1.4.3
  • Updated addon-manager to v5.1
  • Added config view subcommand
  • Increased memory default to 2048 and cpus default to 2
  • Set default log_dir to ~/.minikube/logs
  • Added minikube addons command to enable or disable cluster addons
  • Added format flag to service command
  • Added flag Hyper-v Virtual Switch
  • Added support for IPv6 addresses in docker env

Version 0.11.0 - 10/6/2016

  • Added a "configurator" allowing users to configure the Kubernetes components with arbitrary values.
  • Made Kubernetes v1.4.0 the default version in minikube
  • Pre-built binaries are now built with go 1.7.1
  • Added opt-in error reporting
  • Bug fixes

Version 0.10.0 - 9/15/2016

  • Updated the Kubernetes dashboard to v1.4.0
  • Added experimental rkt support
  • Enabled DynamicProvisioning of volumes
  • Improved the output of the minikube status command
  • Added minikube config get and minikube config set commands
  • Fixed a bug ensuring that the node IP is routable
  • Renamed the created VM from minikubeVM to minikube

Version 0.9.0 - 9/1/2016

  • Added Hyper-V support for Windows
  • Added debug-level logging for show-libmachine-logs
  • Added ISO checksum validation for cached ISOs
  • New .minikube/addons directory where users can put addons to be initialized in minikube
  • --https flag on minikube service for services that run over ssl/tls
  • xhyve driver will now receive the same IP across starts/delete

Version 0.8.0 - 8/17/2016

  • Added a --registry-mirror flag to minikube start.
  • Updated Kubernetes components to v1.3.5.
  • Changed the dashboard and service commands to wait for the underlying services to be ready.
  • Added the DOCKER_API_VERSION environment variable to minikube docker-env.
  • Updated the Kubernetes dashboard to v1.1.1.
  • Improved error messages during minikube start.
  • Added the ability to specify a CIDR for the virtualbox driver.
  • Configured the /data directory inside the Minikube VM to be persisted across reboots.
  • Added the ability for minikube to accept environment variables of the form MINIKUBE_ in place of certain command line flags.
  • Minikube will now cache downloaded localkube versions.

Version 0.7.1 - 7/27/2016

  • Fixed a filepath issue which caused minikube start to not work properly on Windows

Version 0.7.0 - 7/26/2016

  • Added experimental support for Windows.
  • Changed the etc DNS port to avoid a conflict with deis/router.
  • Added a insecure-registry flag to minikube start to support insecure docker registries.
  • Added a --docker-env flag to minikube start which allows for environment variables to be passed to the Docker daemon.
  • Updated Kubernetes components to 1.3.3.
  • Enabled all available (including alpha) Kubernetes APIs.
  • Added ISO caching.
  • Added a --unset flag to minikube docker-env to unset the environment variables.
  • Added a --no-proxy flag to minikube docker-env to add a machine IP to NO_PROXY environment variable.
  • Added additional supported shells for minikube docker-env (fish, cmd, powershell, tcsh, bash, zsh).

Version 0.6.0 - 7/13/2016

  • Added a --disk-size flag to minikube start.
  • Fixed a bug regarding auth tokens not being reconfigured properly after VM restart
  • Added a new get-k8s-versions command, to get the available kubernetes versions so that users know what versions are available when trying to select the kubernetes version to use
  • Makefile Updates
  • Documentation Updates

Version 0.5.0 - 7/6/2016

  • Updated Kubernetes components to v1.3.0
  • Added experimental support for KVM and XHyve based drivers. See the drivers documentation for usage.
  • Fixed a bug causing cluster state to be deleted after a minikube stop.
  • Fixed a bug causing the minikube logs to fill up rapidly.
  • Added a new minikube service command, to open a browser to the URL for a given service.
  • Added a --cpus flag to minikube start.

Version 0.4.0 - 6/27/2016

  • Updated Kubernetes components to v1.3.0-beta.1
  • Updated the Kubernetes Dashboard to v1.1.0
  • Added a check for updates to minikube.
  • Added a driver for VMWare Fusion on OSX.
  • Added a flag to customize the memory of the minikube VM.
  • Documentation updates
  • Fixed a bug in Docker certificate generation. Certificates will now be regenerated whenever minikube start is run.

Version 0.3.0 - 6/10/2016

  • Added a minikube dashboard command to open the Kubernetes Dashboard.
  • Updated Docker to version 1.11.1.
  • Updated Kubernetes components to v1.3.0-alpha.5-330-g760c563.
  • Generated documentation for all commands. Documentation is here.

Version 0.2.0 - 6/3/2016

  • conntrack is now bundled in the ISO.
  • DNS is now working.
  • Minikube now uses the iptables based proxy mode.
  • Internal libmachine logging is now hidden by default.
  • There is a new minikube ssh command to ssh into the minikube VM.
  • Dramatically improved integration test coverage
  • Switched to glog instead of fmt.Print*

Version 0.1.0 - 5/29/2016

  • Initial minikube release.

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