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寒月笑天 / ant-design-vue-pro

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Ant Design Vue Pro

An out-of-box UI solution for enterprise applications as a Vue boilerplate. based on Ant Design of Vue

License Release Travis branch



Env and dependencies

Note: Yarn package management is recommended, the exact same version loaded with the demo site of this project (yarn.lock) . but you can also use npm

Project setup

  • Clone repo
git clone https://github.com/vueComponent/ant-design-vue-pro.git
cd ant-design-vue-pro
  • Install dependencies
yarn install
  • Compiles and hot-reloads for development
yarn run serve
  • Compiles and minifies for production
yarn run build
  • Lints and fixes files
yarn run lint


  • IMPORTANT : About Issue feedback !! when opening Issue read Issue / PR Contributing

  • Vue-cli3 used by the project.

  • Disable Eslint (not recommended): remove eslintConfig field in package.json and vue.config.js field lintOnSave: false

  • Load on Demand /src/main.js L14, in import './core/lazy_use', import './core/use''. more load-on-demand.md

  • Customize Theme: Custom Theme Config (@kokoroli)

  • I18n: locales (@musnow)

  • Production env mock is disabled. use src/mock/index.js

  • pls use release version

Browsers support

Modern browsers and IE10.

IE / EdgeIE / Edge FirefoxFirefox ChromeChrome SafariSafari OperaOpera
IE10, Edge last 2 versions last 2 versions last 2 versions last 2 versions


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.

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