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此仓库是为了提升国内下载速度的镜像仓库,每日同步一次。 原始仓库: https://github.com/wifiphisher/wifiphisher
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George Chatzisofroniou authored 2018-01-12 12:38 . v1.4
Wifiphisher v1.4 [2018-01-12]
o Added dissociation frame to DEAUTH attack [@anakin1028]
o RSSI output fix [@anakin1028]
o Code quality fixes. [@blackHatMonkey]
o Introduced MAC address randomization [@anakin1028]
o Refactoring of interface management module [@blackHatMonkey]
o Introduced tox. [@blackHatMonkey]
o Added support for providing Internet to victim users via a wireless interface [@anakin1028]
o Tool now kills any interfering processes on startup [@anakin1028]
o Use curses everywhere for TUI [@anakin1028]
o Show the encryption type during AP discovery. [@sophron]
o Introduced Wifiphisher Extensions [@sophron]
o Introduced roguehostapd, a patched version of hostapd. [@anakin1028]
o Introduced WPA/WPA2 captured passphrase validation. [@anakin1028]
o Added WPS info during AP discovery. [@anakin1028]
o Added the option to perform DEAUTH attack based on ESSID [@anakin1028]
o Added operation moded [@sophron]
o Increased performance of modules [@blackHatMonkey]
o Made the tool run with only one physical interface [@anakin1028]
o Introduced --logging option [@blackHatMonkey]
o Introduced channel monitoring to check if target AP switches channel [@anakin1028]
o Introduced Known Beacons attack [@sophron]
o Introduced WPS PBC phishing attack [@anakin1028]
Wifiphisher v1.3 [2017-04-15]
o Introduced --quitonsuccess (-qS) option. [@javaes]
o Introduced Travis CI. [@d33tah]
o Install pylint in Travis. [@blackHatMonkey]
o Web server migration to Tornado. Fixes various bugs and increases performance. [@sophron]
o Remove DNS leases after the script restarts. [@laozi999]
o Introduced --internetinterface (-iI) option to provide Internet connectivity to victims. [@sophron]
o Added support for iOS and Android to our network manager imitation template. [@alexsalvetti]
o Introduced a new deauthentication module. [@blackHatMonkey]
o Introduced a new recon module, including new features in target AP selection phase. [@blackHatMonkey]
o Code refactoring including a more modular design. [@sophron]
o Introduced accesspoint module serving as a hostapd wrapper. [@sophron]
o Introducing Lure10, an attack for automatic association against Windows devices. [@sophron]
Wifiphisher v1.2 [2016-12-04]
o Web server now starts after DHCP [@sophron]
o Support logging of multiple POST values [@sophron]
o Include some ASCII art [@sophron]
o Introduced 'phishinghttp' module and fixed bugs on HTTP server [@sophron]
o Users may now interactively choose the scenario they wish [@blackHatMonkey]
o Included an impoved algorithm for detecting and using two of the available network interfaces. [@blackHatMonkey]
o Introduced --presharedkey option. Users may now create Evil Twin against password-protected networks. [@sophron]
o Introduced "Browser Plugin Update" scenario. [@V1V1]
o Packaged the project. Dependencies can now be automatically installed with setup.py. [@sophron]
o Added the feature to detect AP vendor based on BSSID. [@lvrach]
o Included template engine. [@lvrach]
o Fixed issues on Ubuntu. [@lvrach]
o Fixed issues on Arch Linux. [@gtklocker]
o Included PyRIC project. [@blackhatMonkey]
o Introduced --essid option. This will skip the AP selection phase. [@sophron]
o Introduced --nojamming option. This will turn off deauthentication. [@sophron]
o Introduced new OAuth template. [@sophron]
o Introduced new "Wi-Fi Connect" template. [@dionyziz]
Wifiphisher v1.1 [2015-07-01]
o Fixed compatibility with systems defaulting to python3. [@jaseg]
o Fixed bug with undefined variable (#7). [@yasoob]
o Fixed concatenation error. [@HassenPy]
o Code cleaning. [@yasoob]
o Added connection-reset template. [@shelt]
o PEP8 fixes [@HassenPy]
o Disallowed the usage of an Internet-connected interface for the Access Point as this would reset IP addressing. [@sophron]
o Fixed the bug with the empty password (#97). [@sophron]
o Code restructure. [@sophron]
o Catched exception when another process is listening to one of our ports. [@sophron]
o Output a message when hostapd cannot be installed. [@HassenPy]
o Added support for Pineapple's DD-WRT. [@tgalyean]

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