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Welcome to DejaGnu!

DejaGnu is a framework for testing other programs. Its purpose is to
provide a single front-end for all tests.  Beyond this, DejaGnu offers
several advantages for testing:

    * The flexibility and consistency of the DejaGnu framework make it
      easy to write tests for any program.

    * DejaGnu provides a layer of abstraction which makes all tests
      portable to any host or target where a program must be tested.
      For instance, a test for GDB can run (from any UNIX based host)
      on any target architecture supported by DejaGnu.  DejaGnu has
      run tests on several single board computers, whose operating
      software ranges from a boot monitor to a fully-fledged,
      UNIX-like realtime OS.

    * DejaGnu is written in Expect, which in turn uses Tcl (Tool
      command language).  The framework comprises two parts: the
      testing framework and the testsuites themselves.  Tests are
      usually written in Tcl and distributed with the programs, not
      with DejaGnu.


For detailed instructions on installing DejaGnu, see the INSTALL file.

Reporting bugs

If you think you have found a bug in DejaGnu, then please send a bug
report.  Guidelines for reporting bugs can be found at:


The DejaGnu documentation is written in Docbook/XML.  The Makefile
does not render the documentation into other formats by default, as
this requires a range of Docbook packages to be installed.  The
intention is that this will be done by the maintainers when a release
is made.  HTML, RTF, PostScript and PDF versions of the current user
manual are kept on the web at:

Info documentation is installed on a system as part of the
installation process.  You can read this by typing "info dejagnu".

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