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This repository doesn't specify license. Without author's permission, this code is only for learning and cannot be used for other purposes.
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QueryList is a simple, elegant, extensible PHP Web Scraper (crawler/spider) ,based on phpQuery.

API Documentation



  • Have the same CSS3 DOM selector as jQuery
  • Have the same DOM manipulation API as jQuery
  • Have a generic list crawling program
  • Have a strong HTTP request suite, easy to achieve such as: simulated landing, forged browser, HTTP proxy and other complex network requests
  • Have a messy code solution
  • Have powerful content filtering, you can use the jQuey selector to filter content
  • Has a high degree of modular design, scalability and strong
  • Have an expressive API
  • Has a wealth of plug-ins

Through plug-ins you can easily implement things like:

  • Multithreaded crawl
  • Crawl JavaScript dynamic rendering page (PhantomJS/headless WebKit)
  • Image downloads to local
  • Simulate browser behavior such as submitting Form forms
  • Web crawler
  • .....


  • PHP >= 7.0


By Composer installation:

composer require jaeger/querylist


DOM Traversal and Manipulation

  • Crawl「GitHub」all picture links
  • Crawl Google search results
$ql = QueryList::get('https://www.google.co.jp/search?q=QueryList');

$ql->find('title')->text(); //The page title
$ql->find('meta[name=keywords]')->content; //The page keywords

$ql->find('h3>a')->texts(); //Get a list of search results titles
$ql->find('h3>a')->attrs('href'); //Get a list of search results links

$ql->find('img')->src; //Gets the link address of the first image
$ql->find('img:eq(1)')->src; //Gets the link address of the second image
$ql->find('img')->eq(2)->src; //Gets the link address of the third image
// Loop all the images
	echo $img->alt;  //Print the alt attribute of the image
  • More usage
$ql->find('#head')->append('<div>Append content</div>')->find('div')->htmls();
$ql->find('.two')->children('img')->attrs('alt'); // Get the class is the "two" element under all img child nodes
// Loop class is the "two" element under all child nodes
$data = $ql->find('.two')->children()->map(function ($item){
    // Use "is" to determine the node type
        return $item->text();
        return $item->alt;

$ql->find('a')->attr('href', 'newVal')->removeClass('className')->html('newHtml')->...
$ql->find('div > p')->add('div > ul')->filter(':has(a)')->find('p:first')->nextAll()->andSelf()->...
$ql->find('div.old')->replaceWith( $ql->find('div.new')->clone())->appendTo('.trash')->prepend('Deleted')->...

List crawl

Crawl the title and link of the Google search results list:

$data = QueryList::get('https://www.google.co.jp/search?q=QueryList')
	// Set the crawl rules



    [0] => Array
            [title] => Angular - QueryList
            [link] => https://angular.io/api/core/QueryList
    [1] => Array
            [title] => QueryList | @angular/core - Angularリファレンス - Web Creative Park
            [link] => http://www.webcreativepark.net/angular/querylist/
    [2] => Array
            [title] => QueryListにQueryを追加したり、追加されたことを感知する | TIPS ...
            [link] => http://www.webcreativepark.net/angular/querylist_query_add_subscribe/

Encode convert

// Out charset :UTF-8
// In charset :GB2312

// Out charset:UTF-8
// In charset:Automatic Identification

HTTP Client (GuzzleHttp)

  • Carry cookie login GitHub
//Crawl GitHub content
$ql = QueryList::get('https://github.com','param1=testvalue & params2=somevalue',[
  'headers' => [
      // Fill in the cookie from the browser
      'Cookie' => 'SINAGLOBAL=546064; wb_cmtLike_2112031=1; wvr=6;....'
//echo $ql->getHtml();
$userName = $ql->find('.header-nav-current-user>.css-truncate-target')->text();
echo $userName;
  • Use the Http proxy
$urlParams = ['param1' => 'testvalue','params2' => 'somevalue'];
$opts = [
	// Set the http proxy
    'proxy' => '',
    //Set the timeout time in seconds
    'timeout' => 30,
     // Fake HTTP headers
    'headers' => [
        'Referer' => 'https://querylist.cc/',
        'User-Agent' => 'testing/1.0',
        'Accept'     => 'application/json',
        'X-Foo'      => ['Bar', 'Baz'],
        'Cookie'    => 'abc=111;xxx=222'
// echo $ql->getHtml();
  • Analog login
// Post login
$ql = QueryList::post('http://xxxx.com/login',[
    'username' => 'admin',
    'password' => '123456'
// Crawl pages that need to be logged in to access
//echo $ql->getHtml();

Submit forms

Login GitHub

// Get the QueryList instance
$ql = QueryList::getInstance();
// Get the login form
$form = $ql->get('https://github.com/login')->find('form');

// Fill in the GitHub username and password
$form->find('input[name=login]')->val('your github username or email');
$form->find('input[name=password]')->val('your github password');

// Serialize the form data
$fromData = $form->serializeArray();
$postData = [];
foreach ($fromData as $item) {
    $postData[$item['name']] = $item['value'];

// Submit the login form
$actionUrl = 'https://github.com'.$form->attr('action');
// To determine whether the login is successful
// echo $ql->getHtml();
$userName = $ql->find('.header-nav-current-user>.css-truncate-target')->text();
    echo 'Login successful ! Welcome:'.$userName;
    echo 'Login failed !';

Bind function extension

Customize the extension of a myHttp method:

$ql = QueryList::getInstance();

//Bind a `myHttp` method to the QueryList object
$ql->bind('myHttp',function ($url){
	// $this is the current QueryList object
    $html = file_get_contents($url);
    return $this;

// And then you can call by the name of the binding
$data = $ql->myHttp('https://toutiao.io')->find('h3 a')->texts();

Or package to class, and then bind:

$ql->bind('myHttp',function ($url){
    return new MyHttp($this,$url);

Plugin used

  • Use the PhantomJS plugin to crawl JavaScript dynamically rendered pages:
// Set the PhantomJS binary file path during installation
$ql = QueryList::use(PhantomJs::class,'/usr/local/bin/phantomjs');

// Crawl「500px」all picture links
$data = $ql->browser('https://500px.com/editors')->find('img')->attrs('src');

// Use the HTTP proxy
	'--proxy' => '',
    '--proxy-type' => 'http'
  • Using the CURL multithreading plug-in, multi-threaded crawling GitHub trending :
$ql = QueryList::use(CurlMulti::class);
    //.....more urls
 // Called if task is success
 ->success(function (QueryList $ql,CurlMulti $curl,$r){
    echo "Current url:{$r['info']['url']} \r\n";
    $data = $ql->find('h3 a')->texts();
 // Task fail callback
->error(function ($errorInfo,CurlMulti $curl){
    echo "Current url:{$errorInfo['info']['url']} \r\n";
	// Maximum number of threads
    'maxThread' => 10,
    // Number of error retries
    'maxTry' => 3,


View more QueryList plugins and QueryList-based products: QueryList Community


Welcome to contribute code for the QueryList。About Contributing Plugins can be viewed:QueryList Plugin Contributing Guide


Jaeger JaegerCode@gmail.com

If this library is useful for you, say thanks buying me a beer :beer:!


QueryList is licensed under the license of MIT. See the LICENSE for more details.

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