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Documentation Contribution

You are welcome to make contributions to documentation. You can offer your feedback and contributions in various ways. You can evaluate available documents, make simple modifications, provide feedback on document quality, and contribute your original content.

Excellent contributors will be awarded and the contributions will be publicized in the developer community.

Content Copyright

The content and pictures submitted by users must be original content and must not infringe others' intellectual property rights.

OpenHarmony has the right to modify the content that is adopted according to the community regulations and specifications.


Creative Commons License version 4.0

Contribution Method

Simple Modification

You can perform the following steps to modify a document or supplement some content:

  1. In the upper right corner of the document page, click Edit to go to the source file page in the Gitee project.

  2. On the page of the source file in .md format, click Edit to modify or supplement the file.

  3. After the modification, click Preview to confirm the modification result.

  4. Enter your comments and supplementary information in the Extended Information text box and click Submit.

    The document team will review your modifications and update the file content accordingly. You will be appreciated for your support and contributions for the OpenHarmony documentation.

For more information, see Contribution Process.

Feedback on Documentation

High-quality feedback helps us continuously improve the documents. The more detailed information you provide, the more helpful it is for us to solve problems.

  1. On the Gitee page, click the Issue tab. On the displayed page, click New issue. Then enter the issue title and issue details.
  2. Click New to submit the issue. The document team will confirm the issue.

NOTE: How can I provide a high-quality issue?

  • Provide a clear description of the issue, including the missing, outdated, incorrect, or to-be-improved content.
  • Explain the impact of this issue on users.
  • Limit the scope of the given issue to a specific task. If many fields are involved, break the issue down into smaller ones. For example, "Documents need to be optimized" is a broad issue, whereas "XX development guide lacks introduction to step XXX" is specific and operable.
  • Search the list of existing issues to see if any related or similar issues have been submitted.
  • If an issue is associated with another issue or a pull request, you can use its full URL or PR number with the number sign (#) to reference it.

Content Creation

You are encouraged to summarize experience and create technical content during learning and development to help more developers quickly get started. Tutorials and FAQs are recommended. The following templates are for reference:

The writing templates are archived in the contribute folder in the Docs repository.



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