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Build your own front and rear end separation from scratch ". NET Core2.1 Api + Vue 2.0" framework, currently version 2.2, each version see branch. It's just. Netcore back-end section, Front end section, see my other engineering vue


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  1. Blog.Core.FrameWork project is a simple implementation of generating files using T4 templates. If there is an error, you can contact me, QQ Group: 867095512 If you don't want to deal with this error, you can uninstall the project first without affecting the overall operation.

  2. when the project is executed after downloading, the Redis server needs to be installed, installation and use of the description address: https://www.cnblogs.com/laozhang-is-phi/p/9554210.html#autoid-5-0-0

  3. the system new automated Generation database, and the ability to generate seed data, In the Progrm.cs in the Blog.core layer, cancel the Dbseed.seedasync (mycontext). Wait (); The comment can be.

  4. If you do not want to use Codefirst and seed data, you can use the database table structure SQL file to execute in the database,

In the Wwwroot folder under the Blog.core project.

Modify Database connection string

1, in the Blog.Core.Repository layer under the Sugar folder under the BaseDBConfig.cs, configure their own strings

public static string connectionstring = File.exists (@ "D:my-filedbCountPsw1.txt")? 
File.readalltext (@ "D:my-filedbCountPsw1.txt"). Trim ():  "server=.;
Uid=sa;pwd=sa;database=blogdb ";

2, in the Blog.Core.FrameWork layer of the dbhelper.ttinclude, configure their own strings

public static readonly String connectionstring = File.exists (@ "D:my-filedbCountPsw2.txt")? 
File.readalltext (@ "D:my-filedbCountPsw2.txt"). Trim ():  "server=.;
Uid=sa;pwd=sa;database=blogdb ";

three platforms synchronized live

Jianshu: https://www.jianshu.com/notebooks/28621653

Blog Park: https://www.cnblogs.com/laozhang-is-phi/

csdn:https://blog.csdn.net/baidu_35726140 Code Cloud: Https://gitee.com/laozhangIsPhi/Blog.Core


Lao Zhang. The Netcore and Vue Framework Learning catalogue is as follows

System environment

Windows 10, SQL Server 2012, Visual Studio 2017, Windows Server R2

Back-end Technology:

  *. NET core 2.0 API (because you want to simply build front and rear separation, so choose the API, 
  if you want to understand. Net Core MVC, you can also communicate)
  • Swagger front and rear end document description, writing interface based on restful style

  • Repository + Service Warehousing mode programming

  • Async and await asynchronous programming

  • Cors Simple cross-domain solution

  • AOP based on tangent programming technology

  • AUTOFAC lightweight IOC and di dependency injection

  • Vue Local Agent cross-domain scenario, Nginx cross-domain proxy

  • JWT Permission Authentication

Database technology

  • Sqlsugar Lightweight ORM Framework, Codefirst

  • T4 Template generation

  • AutoMapper Automatic Object mapping

Distributed caching technology

  • Redis Lightweight Distributed cache

Front End Technology

  • Vue 2.0 Framework Family Barrel Vue2 + VueRouter2 + Webpack + Axios + vue-cli + Vuex

  • Elementui component library based on Vue 2.0

  • Nuxt.js Server Render SSR

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