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nRF Connect for Desktop

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nRF Connect for Desktop is a cross-platform framework for desktop apps for development kits or dongles from Nordic Semiconductor. The framework provides a launcher and the general layout for selecting devices, navigation menus, logging, etc. Apps can decorate the standard components and use built-in libraries in order to create end-user tools.

Supported Platforms

While it may vary in individual apps, nRF Connect for Desktop aims to support all official Nordic Semiconductor development kits and dongles from these series:

  • nRF51
  • nRF52
  • nRF91

You can run nRF Connect for Desktop on:

  • Windows
  • Ubuntu Linux 64-bit
  • macOS

Using nRF Connect for Desktop


macOS and Linux

J-Link driver needs to be separately installed on macOS and Linux. Download and install it from SEGGER under the section J-Link Software and Documentation Pack. Without it when running the apps you would otherwise get error messages when running the apps like CouldNotFindJprogDLL, CouldNotOpenDLL or JLINKARM_DLL_NOT_FOUND.

Linux only

In order to access Nordic USB devices with correct permissions udev rules need to be set up once. For this purpose nrf-udev repository has been created, follow instructions there.


Download binaries from the nRF Connect for Desktop product page on Nordic Semiconductor web pages.


When starting nRF Connect for Desktop a central launcher is shown. It enables you to install, update and launch the individual apps. Currently provided by Nordic Semiconductor are:

Further documentation on some apps is provided in the Nordic Semiconductor Infocenter.

Proxy settings

To use behind a proxy, see proxy settings.


See the documentation about how to do core development on the project pc-nrfconnect-docs on how to develop the core of the nRF Connect for Desktop framework.


Please report issues on the DevZone portal.


See the infos on contributing for details.


See the LICENSE file for details.

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