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IoT# Roadmap

This roadmap communicates priorities for evolving and extending IoTSharp.

At present, our primary focus is enabling the following for IoTSharp:

  • Multi-tenant devices and assets Management
  • Collect and visualize data
  • Process and React

As we complete those goals, we'll update our roadmap to include additional feature/capability areas we will focus on next.

For general information regarding IoTSharp.Gateway plans, IoTShap GateWay roadmap.


Milestone Date
Initial launch of IoTSharp and MQTT.Chat Q4 2018
Multi-tenant devices and assets Management Q1 2019
Collect and visualize data Q1 2019
Process and React Q2 2019

If you'd like to contribute to IotSharp, please take a look at our Contributing Guide.

Shorter-Term Feature Backlog

  • Account, user, device, asset management
  • Properties, telemetry data display, and editing

Longer-Term Feature Backlog

  • Collect and visualize data

  • RPC capabilities

  • Process and React

  • Rule Engine

  • Scheduler

  • Reporting

  • Widgets desinger

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