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Welcome to Baetyl Open Source Project. To contribute to Baetyl, please follow the process below.

We sincerely appreciate your contribution. This document explains our workflow and work style.


Baetyl use this Git branching model. The following steps guide usual contributions.

  1. Fork

    Our development community has been growing fast, so we encourage developers to submit code. And please file Pull Requests from your fork. To make a fork, please refer to Github page and click on the "Fork" button.

  2. Prepare for the development environment

    go get github.com/baetyl/baetyl # clone baetyl official repository
    cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/baetyl/baetyl # step into baetyl
    git checkout master  # verify master branch
    git remote add fork https://github.com/<your_github_account>/baetyl  # specify remote repository
  3. Push changes to your forked repository

    git status   # view current code change status
    git add .    # add all local changes
    git commit -c "modify description"  # commit changes with comment
    git push fork # push code changes to remote repository which specifies your forked repository
  4. Create pull request

    You can push and file a pull request to Baetyl official repository https://github.com/baetyl/baetyl. To create a pull request, please follow these steps. Once the Baetyl repository reviewer approves and merges your pull request, you will see the code which contributed by you in the Baetyl official repository.

Code Review

  • About Golang format, please refer to Go Code Review Comments.
  • Please feel free to ping your reviewers by sending them the URL of your pull request via email. Please do this after your pull request passes the CI.
  • Please answer reviewers' every comment. If you are to follow the comment, please write "Done"; please give a reason otherwise.
  • If you don't want your reviewers to get overwhelmed by email notifications, you might reply their comments by in a batch.
  • Reduce the unnecessary commits. Some developers commit often. It is recommended to append a sequence of small changes into one commit by running git commit --amend instead of git commit.

Merge Rule

  • Must run command make test before push changes (unit test should be contained), and make sure all unit test and data race test passed
  • Only the passed (unit test and data race test) code can be allowed to submit to Baetyl official repository
  • At least one reviewer approved code can be merged into Baetyl official repository

Note: The document's contribution rules are the same as the rules above.

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