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August 24, 2020 ,Rainbond 5.2 Stable version is officially released View Release

Rainbond Introduction

Cloud native application management platform

  • Implementing the microservice architecture without changing the code.
  • Manage app in k8s without learning about container techniques.
  • Help enterprises implement application to the cloud, one-stop delivery of any enterprise application to k8s cluster, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and other infrastructure.

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With Rainbond you can:

  • Enterprise cloud native DevOps

Application-oriented DevOps development pipeline, provides the ability to continuously build cloud-native applications from source code or simple image, does not require developers to have containerization capability, developer-friendly, non-intrusive source code, the business continues to release to the cloud.

  • Enterprise microservice governance

Built-in ServiceMesh microservice framework, microservice governance can be used out of the box, and traditional business cloud as a service. Plug-in expansion and enhancement of microservice governance functions, and work in conjunction with microservice frameworks such as SpringCloud Dubbo, effectively lowering the threshold of microservice technology.

  • Kubernetes multi-cloud management

Kubernetes technology is complex and difficult to get started; a large number of deployment, Statefulset, or Operator resource management are complex problems that directly use Kubernetes clusters. Rainbond's application-centric resource management model shields the complexity of Kubernetes, and Kubernetes resources are handed over to Rainbond for orchestration and management.

  • Enterprise Middle Platform Construction and Application Delivery

There are many enterprise business systems, many delivery projects, and many IT products. Build a unified enterprise business center, integrate all digital systems and common component libraries of the enterprise to form digital assets, and efficiently reuse by internal teams. ToB delivery scenarios achieve the greatest level of The combination of automation, standardization and customization.

  • Support multiple CPU architectures

Rainbond has completed two-way authentication with localized computing bases represented by Loongson, Feiteng, and Kirin operating systems, which enables Rainbond to shield the differences in the underlying CPU architecture and operating system and provide users with a unified localized business application management platform.

Rainbond RoadMap

Quick start

  1. Install Rainbond Cluster
  2. Create an Application and Component
  3. Learning concepts
  4. Watch the tutorial video


Rainbond Community You are welcome to read or contribute to the use cases of Rainbond in the community.

Rainbond Website Read more about Rainbond.

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Rainbond follow LGPL-3.0 license,Details seeLICENSE and Licensing


Enterprise Application System 以企业云原生应用开发、架构、运维、共享、交付为核心的Kubernetes多云赋能平台 spread retract


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