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熊沐风 / Msdyn365.Commerce.Online

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Msdyn365 Commerce online


License is listed in the LICENSE file.

Starter kit license

License for starter kit is listed in the LICENSE file of starter pack.


  1. Install VS Code
  2. Open command prompt in administrator mode
  3. Install latest version of NodeJS
    • Verify version by running node -v in your command prompt
    • If you had a previous version of node installed, run npm upgrade -g to update all your global packages
  4. Install Yarn
    • installation can be run from the website or with the command prompt npm package install as shown below
    c:\>npm install -g yarn

Install Dependencies

  1. From a command prompt, navigate to the root folder of your ECommerce SDK (c:\repos\myEcommerceSite in the example below)
  2. Run the yarn command to grab all the latest dependency packages needed
    • This step can take several minutes to complete and should be done after any update to packages.json:

Running the app

  1. Start the app
    • This step will take several seconds to complete. When complete you will see an output indicating the server has started and the allocated port number (default 4000)
    c:\repos\MyEcommerceSite>yarn start
  2. To test that the app is running successfully, launch the below pages in a browser:
  3. To stop the app, in the command prompt hit Ctrl-c twice

Modifiable code

Only the code under "src" folder is allowed to be completely customized and modified. Please use the following CLI commands to extend the starter kit modules or create new modules.

Creating a new module

To add a new module called campaignBanner, run this command:

c:\repos\MyEcommerceSite>yarn msdyn365 add-module campaignBanner

This can take up to a minute or two to complete and will add a new module under \src\modules\campaignBanner.

Previewing Modules

To view a specific module rendering locally in a browser, such as campaignBanner:

  1. Start the app from a command prompt:
    c:\repos\MyEcommerceSite\yarn start
  2. Launch the following pages in a browser. Notice the module name in the query string parameter "type=MODULE_NAME":


Functional tests are built on TestCafe NPM. Functional test files should be added under /test. Run tests with this command:

yarn integration

Online Documentaiton

Online documentation can be found here

Third party Image and Video Usage restrictions

The software may include third party images and videos that are for personal use only and may not be copied except as provided by Microsoft within the demo websites. You may install and use an unlimited number of copies of the demo websites., You may not publish, rent, lease, lend, or redistribute any images or videos without authorization from the rights holder, except and only to the extent that the applicable copyright law expressly permits doing so.

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