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Live Demo

Live Demo


  1. Live Demo will reset on 2:00 - 4:00am every day. The environment is not available during the period, and all changes will be discarded.
  2. Multiple people use [admin] at the same time, may influence each other, if you want to get better experience, please set up your private environment refer to: Open-Monitor_Deployment_Guide


Prometheus is an open-source monitor-alarm system and time series database (TSDB) developed by SoundCloud. It is an open-source version of the Google BorgMon monitoring system in Go language.

Open-Monitor encapsulates the functionality of Prometheus without intrusion and provides better alarm management and graphic dashboard, as well as interaction with other systems.

Open-Monitor consists of several components: Prometheus, Alert Manager, Monitor, Agent_manager, Ping_exporter, Archive_mysql_tool.

System Architecture

The overall architecture diagram is as follows:



WeCube monitors, alerts resources and applications through monitoring plugins.

The plugin is based on Prometheus. The upper layer Monitor encapsulates the configuration management and chart display of Prometheus. The Monitor backend technology is written by Go + Gin + Xorm, and the front-end technology is written by Vue + ECharts.

Monitor has the following features:

  • Endpoint Management

    The monitor supplies register and de-register endpoint functions. It synchronizes endpoint from CMDB when it connects to CMDB. It supports group management of endpoints and customization of the the alarm configuration.

  • Friendly Dashboard

    The monitor supports mainstream monitoring types, including the host, MySQL, Redis, Tomcat, etc.
    It also supports Prometheus' native PromQL query and its metric configuration. The dashboard customization is friendly, too.

  • Alarm Management

    It provides the persistence and the distribution of Prometheus alert rules, and it also supports the manifestation of un-recovered alarm panels and historical alarms. User can customize endpoint alarm configuration, group alert configuration and receiver management of alarms.

Main Features

  • Endpoint Management: register, start and stop functions.
  • Data Management: data collection configuration and data query functions.
  • Alarm Management: threshold configuration, log monitoring, alarm triggering functions.
  • Dashboard Management: graphical configuration and custom dashboard functions.

Quick Start

Open-Monitor is deployed in a docker container.

Please refer to the Open-Monitor_Compiling_Guide on how to compile Open-Monitor.

Please refer to the Open-Monitor_Deployment_Guide on how to install Open-Monitor.

User Manuals

Please refer to Open-Monitor User Guide for usage and operations

Developer Guide

Develop Open-Monitor in Normal Mode
Please refer to the Open-Monitor Develop Doc for setting up local environment quickly.


Open-Monitor is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0 , please refer to the license for details.


  • For quick response, please raise_an_issue to us, or you can also scan the following QR code to join our community, we will provide feedback as quickly as we can.

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一套基于Prometheus的分布式监控平台,适用于wecube。 spread retract
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