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What is ShowDoc?

When we take over a module or project which has been developed by others, we always feel crazy watching at the codes without notes or comments.

Where is the document?! Where is the document?! Show me the doc!!

Programmers often want others to write technical documents, but not by themselves. Writing technical documents need lots of time and works, such as it needs to consider how to handle the format and layout of the documents. Beside, the man who writes the documents has to think all kinds of non-technical details. For example, which catalog should to be put in the newly-established word document.

In general, all kinds of the word documents are dispersively maintained by different people in a team.

How to get the latest documents? Here is a way.

The man gets the documents by shouting out, Lol. Then he will receive them from others through IMs or E-mail. This kind of communication is not so bad, but this is not the most effective way.

So, what is the most effective way? ShowDoc comes out!

ShowDoc is a tool greatly applicable for an IT team to share documents online. It can promote communication efficiency between members of a team.

What can it be used for?

  • API Document (Demo)

With the development of mobile Internet, BaaS (Backend as a Service) becomes more and more popular. The server side(backend) provides API, and the APP side or Webpage frontend can conveniently invoke data through the backend. Using ShowDoc can compile exquisite API documents in a very fast and convenient way.

  • Data Dictionary (Demo)

A good Data Dictionary, such as database structure can be easily exhibited to others, shown the definition of each field of the database structure.

  • Explain Document (Demo)

You can absolutely use ShowDoc to write instructions of some tools, or some technical specifications explanation documents for the team to query.

What functions does it have now?

  • Sharing and Exporting

Responsive webpage design can share the project documents to computer or mobile devices for reading. It can also export the project into offline word document.

  • Permission Manage

    • Public and Private Project

      Projects on ShowDoc are divided into two categories including Public Project and Private Project. The Public Project can be visited by anyone, the Private Project need to login. The password is set by project owner.

    • Project Transfer

      The project owner can freely transfer the project to others.

    • Project Members

      You can easily add or delete project members. Members of the project can edit the documents, but they can't transfer or delete the project, only owner has the permission.

  • Edit Function

    • Support Markdown

      ShowDoc adopts Markdown Editor, it is excellent both in editing and reading. If you know nothing about Markdown, please google it by the keywords "Learning and Introduction of Markdown".

    • Template Insert

      On the editing page, a click on the button which is on the top of the Editor can easily insert API interface template and data dictionary template. After inserting the template, altering data is the only thing needs to be done, and this reduces lots of editing work.

    • History Version

      ShowDoc provides a function of History Version on the page, you can easily restore from the history.

Deploy it on your own server

About the copyright

ShowDoc is issued complying with Apache2 Open Source License, and it is free. Showdoc has an additional copyright notice on compliance with the Apache2 Open Source License: Showdoc official And author star7th Have the copyright and corresponding rights of the program, On the premise of retaining the copyright information and links on the program UI interface, it can be used for free or secondary development If you need to change copyright information or copyright links, you need to obtain official consent and authorization.



ShowDoc就是一个非常适合IT团队的在线文档分享工具,它可以加快团队之间沟通的效率。 展开 收起








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